Why I Started This Blog

My name is Polina and in my very first blog post, I want to tell you about me, why I started this blog and what is it going to be about.

So who Am I?

In short, I am a 20-year-old immigrant who is trying to figure out her life in the US.

I was born and raised in a small yet gorgeous mountainous country in Central Asia called Kyrgyzstan. In February of 2020, right before the start of the pandemic, my family and I immigrated to the United States. Two years later, I am a semi-what-junior college student majoring in Digital Media with a specialization in Web Design and Development.

I am a big advocate of self-education. I simply love to learn. I can't sit still because I would rather read a non-fiction book, learn to code, listen to the Duolingo Spanish podcast, or try to figure out how to create this website. There are so many free resources out here on the internet that let you learn anything you want. And I want to use this opportunity as much as possible because it is simply fun.

I value freedom. Freedom of choice, freedom of voice, freedom of movement. My end goal is to have the freedom of when to wake up, what to wear, and what to do. I know, quite cheesy, but it is very true to my heart.

I love writing. It is much easier for me to write than to speak out loud. I tend to listen more than to speak because I like to absorb information and perhaps I'm afraid to blurt out something wrong. But it is the writing that helps me to clarify my thoughts and feelings. It is one of the closest things I have to impress my actual thoughts.

I am an introvert. It's hard for me to start a conversation with a stranger even though I know I will most likely enjoy it in the end. But I do, as any human being, need a deep connection with others. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons I am starting this blog. I am looking for the same-minded people with whom I could connect. And starting this blog is easier for me than to talk to a stranger.

Why I Started This Blog?

Itch For Creation

I always loved to have a platform to share my thoughts, ideas, and life journey. My love for content creation started back in 2014, at the age of 13, when I opened my YouTube channel in Russian. I would come back and forth to it ever since because I enjoyed documenting my life and sharing my thoughts and ideas with a tiny community I created over the years.

But a year ago, after immigrating to the United States, becoming a full-time student, a part-time waitress, and trying to figure out the American system, I stopped creating videos. I could say that I just didn't have time and energy, but it just wasn't my priority anymore. I didn't want to talk about my life the way I did. I started to have a desire of creating more meaningful content, but I thought that there is barely anything I could help people with.

But during this past year, I am still having this itch. An itch of wanting to create, share and help. This is why I decided to finally create this blog. I want to have an independent platform where I could express myself and, hopefully, help someone through it.

Become a Better Writer, Speaker, and Thinker

I was never talented in writing, let alone speaking. In middle school, I would struggle to write good essays or express my thoughts in literature class. And I was always so insecure about it. I remember the first time my mom said that she sees me struggling with expressing my thoughts. It was a very sobering moment for a teenage girl. I realized that I am below than average classmate of mine in these important skills.

Eventually, I started reading a lot in my spare time and keeping a journal. I started recording YouTube videos and writing Instagram posts. Suddenly my essays became better and my grades higher in high school. And then I remember this conversation with my mom. She expressed her sincere admiration for my hard work (that I didn't consider that hard) and how much better of a writer and speaker I became. Another sobering moment but now for a junior girl in high school. I can get above average in expressing my thoughts.

So my goal is to become a much better writer and speaker. I strongly believe that if you know how to write, speak and learn effectively, you will go far.

Desire To Help Others

Finally, I simply want to share my knowledge and thoughts with the hope that I could help someone out there. I hope to lend a hand to people who have similar struggles and challenges as I had, have, and will have in the future. I want to create a blog I wish I had access to several years ago. I just hope someone will find helpful and worthwhile information here on my blog.

What Is This Blog Going To Be About?

Everybody on the internet recommends choosing a niche in order to create a successful blog, and I see the logic behind it. But, for now, I don’t want to limit myself to one specific subject, as I am still learning about myself and what I want to do with my life. I have so many interests and curiosity for what the world can offer. Within the last couple of years I have developed an interest in several topics that I would like to talk about on a regular basis, aside from random thoughts and advice:

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ As an immigrant, I have gained quite some knowledge on the American system I wish someone shared with me two years ago. Saving money on American education, buying your first car, having a part-time job to help you pay for rent as a full-time student and so much more.

πŸ’Έ In December 2021, I quit my job as a waitress and started pursuing freelancing - the route I've been dreaming of for some time. And it's a big learning curve that I would love to share with you.

πŸ‘©πŸΌβ€πŸ’» At the end of 2021, I committed to learning Front-End Web Development. Today I am learning the foundation of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and I am fully absorbed in it. I just want to share my journey and progress in this exciting field.

🌎 Being bilingual, knowledge of an additional language opened so many doors I could have not imagined before. I have this little dream of becoming fluent in at least 4 languages, Spanish being my third one. I want to share advice, resources, and my experience in learning Spanish.

πŸ“š Let me just say it – books are incredible. I want to write summaries and thoughts on mostly non-fiction books I have read before as well as books I am going to read in the future.

In Conclusion...

I am just twenty years old human being trying to figure out my life, and I thought creating a blog could be something fun and worthwhile. If you are interested in this blog, you can join my free newsletter that will notify you whenever I will post something!